Thursday 13 February 2014

Interview with the ID Band Company

It's always refreshing when a company with a vested interest in a medical condition want to learn a little more about the people wearing their condition every day.  So when the ID Band Company got in touch saying they wanted to do a series of interviews with people with diabetes, it seemed like a great opportunity to say my bit.

Hannah Keane, on behalf of the ID Band Company Blog got in touch and put together a piece about living with type 1 from my perspective, and what was even more refreshing than having someone without type 1 asking questions using 'our' version of English (full of words like 'pumps', 'carbs' and 'individual'), was that they seemed to 'get it' when asking questions about diabetes.

We spoke about my initial struggles accepting diabetes, and about finding balance and respite in the diabetes community.

So check out the interview here, and enjoy their blog posts.  I certainly am! 

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