Monday 1 December 2014

Animas Vibe, Stateside

After four happy years on the Medtonic Veo insulin pump, I made the decision to switch to the Animas Vibe in January this year, after careful consideration.  I've always known that the customer service behind a pump is far more important than its sexiness, but having got to know the pump, and experienced some of the customer service, it was, as they say, a 'no-brainer'.  

I've been rocking Dexcom CGM as part of my diabetes arsenal for almost two years, without a single day when I've taken for granted this incredible technology.  Integrated CGM means the option of  the glucose data being sent straight to the colour screen on the pump, rather than lugging around a
separate unit with the already weighty collection of diabetes paraphernalia I keep at my side constantly.  And the waterproof feature meant I could start surfing again without the blood sugars creeping up to the uncomfortable teens afterwards.  A day-kayak no longer comes without the unnerving feeling that too much fun could end in tears.

Our friends in the US have long been waiting for the Animas Vibe to reach their shores, thanks to the FDA's notorious much lengthier and more stringent approval process.  But there's great news........The Vibe is Stateside!

In a press release from earlier today, Animas proudly announced the release of the Vibe in the US, now approved for people aged 18 and over. So those over the pond an finally get their hands on this sexy little pump, from a company with an excellent rep.

Check out their website for more information, here.