Saturday 8 February 2014

Cellnovo: Here at last!

For a number of years there was a greatly anticipated buzz in the Diabetes Community about the Cellnovo patch pump. With its sexy slim design and iPhone-like handset, along with the fact that the tubing could be extended if you really wanted it longer or be kept in patch-pump style, it was a greatly anticipated addition to the growing arsenal of diabetes tools.  

But when things went quiet after the device received CE marking in the UK, fears started growing that perhaps all was not well in Cellnovo-land.  That was, until INPUT added a certain photo to their Facebook page all the way from the Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) in Vienna in February 2014.

It seems that if you are in 'selected centres' in the UK, this pump is back in town!

There is only a little information out there at the moment so keep your eyes peeled on Insulin Independent's pages for updates!


  1. I have tested the Cellnovo pump and can compare it side by side with the Omnipod - which I currently use. Unfortunately the Cellnovo seems to have been designed by a scientist and not a user and whilst the automatic upload of data is fantastic (when it worked) this is the only area that is better than the Omnipod. The Cellnovo pump is delicate and fiddly and the operating software is clumsy. I have gone back to the Omnipod with a heavy heart as I desperately wanted the cellnovo to work so that I could use the data from the accelerometer to help me work out how much exercise affects my control.

  2. Hello! Have you got news about where Cellnovo patch pump is actually used?
    Thank you.