Sunday 17 November 2013

Sometimes you lose; sometimes you....lose

There are a handful of foods that I just can't win at. I've tried, believe me. But no matter what the approach (blousing before, after, midway through, split bolus, split bolus plus 200% basal for 8 hours...), those kinds of foods simply do not work for me.

This, is curry. The blood-sugar bashing not-so-superfood that makes my BGs go from 'hero to zero' in two hours or less. It will briefly allow me to think I've managed it by wafting in front of me a 6-7mmol BG for two hours and then BAM! I'm stroking the heels of 20mmol. 

But it's OK. Because this kind of meal is a once in a while kind of meal, and being able to bolus for it easy means it may feature a little too often for my waistline to handle. So for the meantime I will enjoy, correct, correct again and try not to let it ruin my otherwise delicious Eastern delight. 

What's your food nemesis, and do you still try to find a way to enjoy it? Do you still allow yourself it, or do you stay away to avoid the pitfalls of monster post meal spikes? 


  1. I currently have pizza in the oven because that's what my husband wants for dinner. I never do great with pizza mostly because my aim to have one or two pieces always turns into three or four.

  2. Home made pancakes (or dropped scones). Doesn't even always result in a straight forward post meal high. Some boluses result in me spiking a bit and then plummeting....but I will persevere, I will not be beaten. Mainly because this is one thing my husband makes and they are yummy for a weekend breakfast!

    1. These pancakes sound awesome!! They should most definitely not be given up on. Fight through it; it's the only way! :)

  3. Judging from FB and Twitter responses it sounds like pizza is the winner on the food nemesis front.

    Keep the nominations coming in. What get's your BGs on the wild side??

  4. I go curry, I don't eat lots of pizza tho and not ever had takeaway…so it's back of the box stuff! Curry I find I always need to add a couple of extra units for and know that there is always way more carbohydrate in there than I think and so far that has done me well :)