Friday 6 September 2013

Sir Steven Regrave, or 'Steve' to his crew...

After the resounding success of the Animas Sports Weekend headed up by Dr Ian Gallen (diabetes expert in Sports and Exercise) and the Animas team, I had a little idea (smirky face). 

I wondered what Sir Steven Redgrave, arguably one of the most inspirational people with Diabetes, carrier of the Olympic Torch at the London 2012 Games and FIVE TIME Gold medal winner for rowing, might have to say about the help Dr Gallen gave him when diagnosed with diabetes.  

I dropped by his website and sent him an e-mail hoping I might hear back with just a few words about what Sports, Exercise and Dr Gallen mean to Sir Steven.  It was a long shot.  After all, I was mentioning insulin pump companies, weekends that cost money and events that Sir Steven may never have heard of, let alone know about.  For all he knew, I was touting for comments to sell my diabetes autobiography.  

But, after several weeks (apparently he's a busy chap....) I received an email I was sure was going to begin with, "Thank you for making contact, however..."

Instead, Sir Steven himself offered these words:

When I was diagnosed with diabetes and thought that my sporting career would have to come to an end I was absolutely devastated.  But with the support of Ian Gallen and his team, I was given the confidence to carry on with rowing and I was able to stay at the same level that I was at before having the condition; going on to win gold at the Sydney Olympics 2000.  I came up with the quote "diabetes has to live with me not me live with diabetes."  And that has stayed with me ever since in whatever I do in life.

Thanks 'Steve' (that feels like calling Jesus Christ, J-dog).  Hopefully these words will offer those trying to continue conquering their sports and exercise goals some encouragement to go out tomorrow and push harder, run faster and climb with more determination.

And if not, did I mention my new diabetes book, 'My diabetes Journey' by Anna Presswell.  "A cracking and moving read, Sir Steven Redgrave."