Tuesday 18 February 2014

Sanofi need your help raising money for diabetes!

So Sanofi need your help! One of their top team members, Becky Reeve, has challenged the peeps at Sanofi to raise £20,000 of funds before the (fast-approaching) Diabetes UK Conference.  And she has found an ingenious way of doing it that won't cost you any of your hard-earned pennies!

All you have to do (and this is seriously easy even I did it!) is download a free app called 'Blippar' and 'blip' the Sanofi image below!  

By blipping the image whenever you see it, you will be able to download videos and updates that Sanofi will be sending out over the campaign.

And for doing this, Sanofi will donate £5 to DUK which will be spent on running organised children, young person and family events.

I've donated my £5 by blipping and watching the video, have you?

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