I am an independent blogger and am the creator and author of Insulin Independent.  I have, and continue to, work closely with a number of diabetes companies or organisations, and will accept payments, reimbursements, expenses, and products as part of my work as a blogger.
I am not paid, as such, by any company.
My views are entirely my own and are formulated from my experiences of life with diabetes.  I will not post about, or endorse any product that I do not wholly believe in.  If I said it, I believe it.
I am not a medical professional and any views, opinions or actions depicted in this blog are not clinical advice, nor should they be taken as such under any circumstances.  I will share my experiences, successes and failures (of which there are many!) and these are a representation only of my journey with T1D.  The reader of this blog is entirely responsible for their own treatment and self-management decisions.
I currently work - or have worked - closely with the following list of companies and charities (not necessarily exhaustive at the time of printing): Animas UK, Medtronic UK, Dexcom, INPUT, DRWF, Diabetes Lifestyle, Johnson and Johnson, Mediband, The ID Band Company, C8 Medisensors, Triabetes, Queen Alexandra hospital, Portsmouth, Diabetes Power, Cook and Count Carbs, Sanofi.