About Insulin Independent

Insulin Independent is a blog about type 1 diabetes.  Started here on 25th January 2010, the night before I started using the Paradigm Veo insulin pump, it was designed to be an honest, open account of life with type 1 diabetes, and has maintained this aim since the beginning.  It is the story I want to tell about living life to the fullest with this condition.
Over the years I have included Continuous Glucose Monitoring, diabetes apps, tricks, tips and low-carb eating as a way to make the journey easier.
I  talk about life, review products, think back, look forward and sometimes poke fun at the lighter side of living with an all but useless pancreas.
Insulin Independent was voted one of the Top 10 UK diabetes blogs in 2011 and has gathered over 4000 readers from across the world.  So thank you for stopping by feel and free to have a look around...