Wednesday 27 October 2010

Taking a break

OK, so I have been performing VERY poorly on the whole updating the blog thing. I guess there are a number of reasons. Firstly, in the past month I have had four family birthdays including J-dizzle hitting the big 3-0, a wedding, a holiday, a surprise party and all the secretive planning that has gone with it. So something kinda had to give. In this case it was the blog. Secondly, for some reason the diabetes has gone a little AWOL this month, with some of the strangest results I have seen. No doubt because of all the weddings and birthdays, which are of course filled with alcohol and cake, two little elements I spend most of my time avoiding.

I decided to allow myself a month off, a vacation - if you will - because the truth is when you manage something like diabetes, there can all too often be times when the blasted condition takes over. On a daily basis I do around 8-10 blood tests, 4 or 5 boluses, numerous calculations, the odd correction and numerous frustrating moments when I get a bit...'sweary' shall we say. Sometimes, to come home after a day of bad bloods, you just don't feel like writing about it. I always wanted this to be an honest blog about what it was really like with a silent (or sometimes not so silent) partner like diabetes lurking behind every corner, but I never intended this to be somewhere to rant and complain. Primarily because anyone reading a few posts may begin to stop reading the words - about what diabetes really entails - and start reading between the lines. Subtext is hard to ignore when the author of the words are angry, impatient and a little burnt out.

So I come back to you refreshed and ready to get on with it, after having had a busy month which has of course resulted in some downright confusing results. I admit that I have had the kind of month when I could have punched diabetes in the head. Problem is, it doesn't have one. So I have come through 'the dark days' ready to tackle this silly thing head on. The most effective way.

Over the past months not a lot has changed in my body; the weight has remained stable (if a little on the 'cuddly' size), my routine hasn't changed, I haven't been anywhere hot, I haven't changed my diet significantly, and yet somehow my blood sugars have been acting like they are having some kind of party in my body, with a more the merrier attitude. Apparently the worse and more frequent they are, the better the party!

I'll go on to explain a few of the ups and downs as I go on, but it certainly feels good to be back!