Sunday 19 October 2014

CGM: A happy distance

Since the first time I inserted a Dexcom sensor and saw my 5-minutes-apart glucose readings flash up on the screen in front of me in real time, I have never looked back. It was a commitment, deciding to self-fund the arguably expensive tool to manage my blood sugars, but a sacrifice it was not.  My choice to use CGM wasn't about the SafetyNet it provides, although that is a selling point in itself. Instead, it filled in the frustrating gaps I experienced when trying to gain better control.  

Going all non-integrated, again.
But last night, as I pulled myself firmly into the back of my peaceful sleeping husband, matching my shape with his, and trying to improve the already bad night's sleep I was having, my Animas Vibe, now having my CGM readings integrated into it on an almost permanent basis thanks to the convenience that brings, started to violently vibrate in the small of his back.  He awoke with a fright, and patient soul as he is simply asked, "Are you OK?"   It was the third hypo of the night, and it was the third night like this in a row. As tired as I was of treating hypos, I'm sure his tiredness was greater still.  He didn't even need to be awake.  A safety-net it is, but a sleepless night and being awoken by the endless buzzing beeping and frightful noises of the Vibe were enough for me.  I treated my hypo - a slight dip below 4.4 mmol - and turned my CGM function off, leaving the redundant but brand-new sensor in my arm. 

This morning I decided to switch back to my handheld receiver.  The downside being that I have to carry yet another device with me.  But the benefit being I don't have to keep it attached to myself, or my long-suffering husband, for a little while.  I quite often don't hear the initial beep or vibrate of a first hypo warning.  And quite often, my blood sugars are simply nudging above and below the alarm line.  That way, a slight drop in blood sugars which was always going to correct itself doesn't need to be the frustrating interruption it sometimes needs to be.  And my husband can sleep easy.

And sometimes, we just need a break from it all.

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