Saturday 8 November 2014

Animas Sports Weekend 2015: Registration has opened!

It's that time again, when people with diabetes across the country dive for their laptops to get their registration request in for one of the biggest weekends in the diabetes calendar in the UK.  It's the Animas Sports Weekend 2015!  

The weekend is an opportunity for people with a love of sports, or those wanting to know how to manage the diabetes beast in order to try it out.  The first year I went, I hadn't exercised property in years.  The last time I exercised was two days ago, and my blood sugars stayed between 4.5 mmol and 6.7 mmol throughout my hour-long session. That's on the Animas and Dr Gallen team, having given me the tools knowledge and confidence to exercise property.

Whether you just want to be able to take a gentle stroll with the kids, or want to run an ultra-marathon, this weekend will give you the tools to start on your way. It is run by Animas (but open to people on all manners of treatment) and headed up by Dr Ian Gallen, who helped Sir Steven Redgrave train for the Olympics after being diagnosed during this run of Gold-medal achieving accomplishments.   Sir Steven was kind enough to give Insulin Independent this glowing review of the work Dr Gallen does:

"When I was diagnosed with diabetes and thought that my sporting career would have to
come to an end I was absolutely devastated.  But with the support of Ian Gallen and his team, I was given the confidence to carry on with rowing and I was able to stay at the same level that I was at before having the condition; going on to win gold at the Sydney Olympics 2000.  I came up with the quote "diabetes has to live with me not me live with diabetes."  And that has stayed with me ever since in whatever I do in life."

Added to this already impressive set-up for a weekend, the event also offers the opportunity to meet and have an amazing time with other people with diabetes. That, in itself, is reason enough to go.  Often I hear people say they want to get fit before the weekend starts, because they are put off by the sounds of the activities.  But the weekend goes at your own pace, is full of people with completely varied levels of fitness, and is solely for the purpose of learning.  And as the fun from the activities subsides, the laughter moves to the lobby where there are guaranteed to be a troop of people propping up the bar into the early hours as they swap comical hypo stories, put diabetes to rights and form bonds that will last year after year.

So, I look forward to seeing you there! Just email to register your interest

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