Friday 3 October 2014

The rough(ish) with the smooth

I'd known when my consultant handed me my blood test forms, with a few more boxes ticked than I care to think about, that my latest set of results were not going to fare all that well.  My recent wrist operation, teamed with a trip abroad and countless (wonderful) hours at the computer arranging the Adventure D launch weekend, mean I have been wildly inactive in recent weeks and have been relying on fast food. And I know what that means for my HbA1c.  

As I approach my mid (arrrrghhhh!) 30s (wait, WHAT!) I consider more and more how I might approach a pregnancy one day, and know that in order to vastly reduce any risk of the endless list of complications thrown as us PWDs with an achey baby-maker, I know that ideally I need to get my HbA1c down towards the 6mmol or below mark.  You would think that with CGM, a pump and my knowledge of which foods do, and don't, work as well for me, I would be able to nail this. Not so.  My approach to managing the busy events of my life of late has been to use my CGM as a safetynet, my pump as a justkeepmealivegoddamnit tool and my diet has been, well, let's not even go there.

My penultimate A1c result was an attractive 6.4%.  My latest was a somewhat less-so 7.6%.  

Normally 7.6% wouldn't concern me greatly, but it highlights for me the battle that wannabe mothers have on their hands, and that no amount of 'getting by' will suffice when considering motherhood with type 1.

And it's back to the drawing board for this little goof-off.


  1. Whoa... blog post twinsees?

    Here's to being in great company and moving up and onward together!

    1. Apparently blogger has stopped notfying me of new comments. Which is lame. Thanks for commenting Scott - I really hope things got better!

      I've been a little absent from the blogosphere due to work recently, but will stop by yours again soon to see how you're getting on!