Friday 9 April 2010

Thank God for breasts!

"I agree!" I hear the boys cry!

After many serious posts about blood sugars, CGM, spreading the diabetes message and so on and so forth, I thought it was time for a more light hearted post. About breasts. Well, not breasts exactly, but about how being a girl has certain advantages when it comes to the insulin pump.

One of the biggest eye openers for me has been the ingenious ways people dress up or disguise their pumps. For children, there are all sorts of companies who come up with funky and flashy pump case designs, so that kids can add a bit of fun and individuality to their pumps ( - great stuff!). For adults, it may not always be that you want to have a pump on display, or when you move the needle to a new area, it can mean a new system of where you put the tubing and the pump itself.

I have found one thing with the pump. It loves a good bra. No one can notice it, it nestles nicely between 'them' and it can be clipped on. It's relatively easy to remove to give yourself a bolus, as long as you are subtle.

I for one am not bothered by people seeing my pump. Considering it is now an integral part of my life, as well as my diabetes management and diabetic 'identity'. But I don't like it when I bump it on things. I am not known for my grace, or for my ability to walk in a straight line without walking into things - so my pump can take a battering if I am rushing around. For those that know me personally, I am always rushing around (and talking too quickly!).

So for me, the bra is an ideal place to put it. No one can see it, I can easily access it, it doesn't fall out or get knocked into things (there's a pun in there somewhere) and the wire just traces down your stomach, without drawing attention to itself.

Somehow I don't think boys have it so easy. Whipping it out (the pump, for those of you who were thinking otherwise) from your pants is never going to be an appropriate and I would imagine is likely to draw some stares!

All I have to say is - thank God for breasts!

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