Friday 9 April 2010

Bumbling clumsiness

This week, I have been less successful at all things diabetes than Most Haunted is at impersonating reality. But not in terms of my control, granted, there have been major ups and downs this week, but I mean successful in terms of the manipulating the equipment which comes with the pump. Two days ago it took me three attempts to insert the cannula and needle, because every time I tried to use the quick inserter, the adhesive pad which sticks to the skin kept getting stuck to the side of the quick-serter, meaning the needle would go half way in and the cannula would get stuck!

Finally I switched to the other arm and managed to successfully get it to attach. Don't get me wrong, this whole process is far less painful and far less of a faff than MDIs were. BUT, the last three days I appear to be about as coordinated as a heroin addict going cold turkey.

I woke up today as normal and busied myself getting ready for my last day at work before my three weeks off (in case I hadn't mentioned it yet!). I knew it would be a busy day, so was keen to get to work asap. Only something happened.

Anna happened.

I may have mentioned before that I have the ability to fall off stuff when I am lying down. Today proved that. While moving around the house a little too quickly, I somehow managed to fall into the door frame and whack my right arm with what must have equated to the momentum of a drunk and out of control rhino. And where was my site today? On my right arm. Yup, I scraped and bashed my arm so hard, that as I checked for the site to make sure it had survived, it was gone all together! I ripped the damned thing straight out of my arm!

This is how the slightly worse for wear cannula looked after I was finished with it!

The funny thing is, the pulling out of the cannula (which takes some doing I can assure you!) didn't hurt at all. It was the pounding my arm received that did all the hurting. There was no blood, no after pain, and my arm felt absolutely fine! The 'cringe factor' fears I had before getting the pump were all about how weird it would be wearing a cannula and a needle that were permanenly attached to me. But in fact, it's all a lot less cringey than I'd have imagined.

After getting over the shock of having managed to pull the whole cannula out, I disconnected the tubing and stared at disbelief at the worlds tiniest knot, which I had somehow managed to 'tie' in the tubing. I have no idea how I managed it, or more to the point when?? Seeing as my sugars were fine, I can only assume that the insulin was still getting through, but still, how I did it I have no idea. I mean, look how tiny it is!

Anyway. I have now managed to not only attach a cannula which appears to be doing something but I also haven't ripped anything out, dropped anything or tied knots in anything for at least the last two hours.

Long may it continue! Tomorrow is another day...

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