Saturday 13 June 2015

A belated look back at the Animas weekend 2015

Somehow life has run away with me in recent weeks, but finding time to review the Animas weekend which took place back at Loughbourough University in May 2015 and give a little look at the photos from the weekend has been a 'must-do' for quite some time.  

Two years ago Sir Steve Redgrave said this about the journey he had been on since meeting Dr Ian Gallen after his diabetes diagnosis, and then going on to win his fifth Olympic Gold medal after his guidance and advice:

When I was diagnosed with diabetes and thought that my sporting career would have to come to an end I was absolutely devastated.  But with the support of Ian Gallen and his team, I was given the confidence to carry on with rowing and I was able to stay at the same level that I was at before having the condition; going on to win gold at the Sydney Olympics 2000.  I came up with the quote "diabetes has to live with me not me live with diabetes."  And that has stayed with me ever since in whatever I do in life. 

Want to find out more information for next year, so you can come along and be immersed in a weekend of fun, surrounded by people with type 1 all wanting to learn more about sport and the effect it has on diabetes, then email

And check out the video montage of this year's exploits.


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