Wednesday 4 June 2014

Medtronic e-shop!

There are so many 'must dos' on the daily diabetes checklist that even the smallest of moves towards customer convenience is a big deal, in my book.  One of the greatest steps forward in my own management was when my GP Surgery started allowing online ordering of repeat prescriptions and appointments; no more queuing at the clinic for repeat prescription printouts.  And it would seem that Medtronic feel the same way.

Last week they invited a few blogger-type folks to their office in glamorous Watford, to tell us about the roll out their new e-shop for pump supplies and products, as well as introduce us to some new faces on the accessories front.  Now a word of caution first, don't leave this one to the last minute, because when you register it will take around 3 working days for everyone's people to speak to everyone else's people so that you can order. But once you are set up, your usual orders will be ready to simply select and go!

Any products and supplies already agreed by your team (ie the gadgets you usually order) will appear with the cost 'greyed out' on the screen, and these can simply be selected and placed in your basket ready to order.  Any new items you want to select will of course need to be run through your team first, although you can pay for items yourself, if you choose.

If there is every a problem with your order, Medtronic's (highly recommended) customer service team will call you immediately to advise you about any delays or issues in fulfilling your order.

Now, as someone whose diabetes team (lovely as they are) still employ a stone-age system of ordering via one specific nominated-for-the-job person in my diabetes clinic, be warned that this has to be an arrangement already in place with your team.  But if you think you could use this kind of cutting out the middle man in your already busy lives, give your team a call and make use of someone's bright idea to make life for their patients easier.


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