Sunday 11 August 2013

The Quality in Care People's award

Diabetes advocacy comes in may forms - in fact, it can take which ever form you want it to. Whether you use your voice to speak for those who can't, take your fight to parliament, give advice on a website or push current issues into the limelight in which ever way you know how, you are an advocate.  And you are amazing.

It's not often you get a chance to give recognition to the people in the world of diabetes who help shape our future and use their voices to be counted.  Advocacy is something people just kind of do, irrespective of thanks or gain.

The Quality in Diabetes Care however provides a rare and wonderful opportunity to have your say about people you feel are making that difference we all talk about.  Last year, Hedgie Pricks Diabetes Zoe took the award home for her continued efforts in highlighting the importance of understanding the social, psychological and emotional aspects of dealing with diabetes. And well-deserved she is.

Well the time is back again and you have another chance to nominate someone you think is shaping the future and the world is your oyster, but with only nine days to go I'd recommend you get your say in now!

Check out the website and take this chance to have your say about who is making a difference in our world and bringing the challenges we face to the attention of others.

Here it is folks! Happy voting :)  

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