Thursday 22 August 2013

Face cannula?

January 2014 will mark the fourth anniversary of my jumping on the pump wagon (that sounds somewhat racy, if you found this blog looking for something else, I can only apologise for what is about to follow...).  In that time I have reaped the many benefits of life using an insulin pump that converts spout about all the time; better BG control, more predictable BG levels, rarely bruising, no more needles, more freedom. Not exactly uncovering any secrets there.

But there is a little problem I has discovered as the years roll on: serious lack of 'landscape'.

By this I mean that once you remove your two or three day-old cannula, you need to move at least an inch away and allow that space time to heal for two weeks (ideally). That may sound easy, but after four years I am discovering that fleshy real estate on a diabetic is a valuable commodity. 

This weekend, as I prepare to join my cousin at her beautiful outdoorsy country wedding, and having reached a bit of a stale mate on the diet front, I decided to purchase some of those hideous monstrosity pants (Bridget Jones-esque) that suck you in and lift you up. You know the sort of thing like nickers with a girdle in. Smokin'.

As I 'hoiked' them up (actual term for the process of giving oneself a full-body lift while squeezing metres of your body into millimetres of garment), I realised that my usual stomach cannula site wasn't going to work. There was no room for anything else in this pant-horror.

But where to re-site it? My right arm currently rocks the Dexcom sensor, my giant pants rule out my midriff (I kid you not, they are THAT big) and I don't really want medical devices on both sides of my body when I sleep. They are a little 'lumpy' sometimes. 

So that leaves me with two options: my thighs or my face. You ever see anyone wearing a face-cannula? No, me either. 

So tonight I am trying out a thigh site. So far it feels awkward and obvious, like I am insanely aware of it being there. But that's how I felt about arm sites, stomach sites and love handle sites, too. And I have no doubt a face site would do the same. 

Perhaps I am about to discover my new favourite site, perhaps not. Time will tell. 

Do you use thigh sites? Or better still, a face-cannula? 


  1. I use thigh sites, arm, belly, love handle and butt sites! If I rotate around them I find it gives plenty of time for each area to recover before I go back to it. :)

    I remember once reading about a woman who used her breasts as a site... Just the thought freaks me out!

    1. Breasts? Yowzer!! Even the thought of that scares me!

      I am impressed at all the sites you used. Sadly my thigh failed; I got some weird results and ended up feeling a bit irritated by it after only a few hours, so have reverted to love handles (finally, use for them!!)

      When you use butt, where do you do it?


    2. Blogger has kindly just informed me that I have a reply to my comment - not that's it's a month late or anything...!

      Anyways, the best guide I was given to using my butt was to aim for the top of where your jeans pocket is, so I use that and go maybe an inch above and below. I wasn't sure the first time, but it's surprisingly comfortable, and I like that it's out of the way - it does require you to be able to do a set one handed, or have help though! :)

  2. On a rare occasion, I will venture off my abdomen and round to my love handles/hips. I can't bring myself to go as far as my thighs because that was my least favourite injection site when on pens. As for 7 years on pens I only ever injected in to my arm once...never again.

    Will be interested to hear how it goes having the cannula in your thigh.

    Angie - your butt?? I take my hat off to you.

    1. Louise, it sounds like we're very similar in preferences. I do use arms (although not since CGM as that's now my CGM area. But definitely hated injecting in legs. The cannula was a similar story.

      Sticking with love handles and tummy for now.

      And maybe face? :)

    2. Think I'd try some of places Angie listed before resorting to my face....sorry you've not gained a convert for that idea yet!