Saturday 13 July 2013

T1 Pizza night. Omnomnom.

I was lucky enough growing up to come from a family where every direction I turned there was a pillar of strength to help me cope with diabetes.  It wasn't until I turned nine that I met someone else my age with Type 1 who would truly 'get it'. But seeing as he was a boy it was unthinkable that we could be friends.  At nine years old, all boys are gross.  Everyone knows that.

Now in my 26th year with D and through the wonders of the internet, I finally have an abundance of ways to find others with type 1 to put the world to rights with.  And man, I did not realise what I was missing.

In June this year my friend Michelle - part of the Animas Sports Weekend massive - decided to arrange a T1 night out in London.  Boys were on the guest list too, but this one turned into a girly one as the boys wussed out and left the socialising to the pros.  Seven of us hit Clapham Junction Pizza Hut (yes, you heard right, people with diabetes eating pizza) for a night of carbs, wine, laughs and letting down of the hair.

As usually happens when a group of people with Type 1 meet, it takes only minutes before we're laughing, joking, sharing and becoming friends.  From all walks of life, perhaps we may never have had the opportunity to meet if we hadn't been hit with the diabetes stick at some point in our lives.  Now, we would enjoy sharing stores, comparing diabolical blood sugars (somehow the only two with CGM managed the worst BGs, ), ordering carbs with extra carbs on the side, and learning from each other about new ways we might manage the beast.  And that was just the D-talk.

Three hours later and after a whole bunch of wine (the correct measure of wine by law) I boarded my train with a distinct 'wobble' in my step, thinking about the evening we'd shared.  We can file it under 'A good night was had by all'.

Fancy coming along next time? Then join us October 12th, Clapham Junction Pizza Hut at 7pm.  Bring insulin.  Just mention you are coming so we can order a table big enough and have them order in enough pizza dough and wine.

See you there!

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