Wednesday 6 March 2013

Have you heard...

of the GB Doc? 

The GB Doc (Great Britain Diabetes Online Community) was born in 2012 when one person had the vision to create a community of people affected by diabetes.  Where?  On Twitter, Wednesday nights at 9pm (GMT). 

Want to join in?  Then create a Twitter account and meet us here. We can run through the how-tos and what-nexts, and you too can get talking to bucket loads of other people affected by amazingness.

I have been asked to guest post now and then over on the GB Doc site, so here is my latest about what the GB Doc means to me.

Big love,



  1. Thanks for posting this and spreading word about the GB DOC, Anna! Looking forward to trying to follow along more from the States, and will definitely check out the site. Plus, I'm going to add you and the GB DOC to the DiabetesMine blog roll (not to mention the other ones that have materialized in the past year or so!). Thanks for everything you all are doing over there in GB!

    1. Hi Mike,

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

      I would be honoured to be on the blog roll and know that GB Doc would do too, as it will help us reach an even greater audience and connect more of the dots in the giant picture that is the DOC. I wonder what that picture will look like, eventually?

      Diabetes Mine is an awesome resource, so thank you.

      Best wishes and hope to see you on the GB Doc soon

      AP :)