Thursday 21 March 2013

Doing the hard work for me

I've now had my Dex for a little over 3 weeks.  The post about first impressions is still under way because I have been marvelling at it so often that I have yet to find time to say all I want to say about it; I am permanently stuck on my 'amaze' setting at the moment.

But something I wanted to quickly share with you today was just how the Dex proved its value when I emerged from my post-burnout 'lull' and decided to once again brave the gym.

Learning all of the exercise rules all over again - like how long to leave between lowering my basal and starting exercise, or how many carbs I need before I workout - can take a while.  In fact, as it has been a month since I was last in the gym my body has been busy changing its insulin needs at an alarming rate, so I wasn't sure what to expect. 

After a long day of high BGs it was a welcome sight to be under 10 mmol (180 mg/dl) by the time I reached the gym.  But the downward trend at 7mmol made me a little wary so I popped a couple of Dextrose, just in case.

I had been thinking it would just be nice to know what I was when I exercised, rather than relying on being 'OK' during exercise and testing my bloods as quickly as I can after.  So when at 27 minutes in I was facing this little chart, I new that my first day back would need to be treated as a 'work in progress'.

Lucky that I had my Dexcom because only 5 minutes later in the gym cafe, I was facing this little beauty. You gotta love the 'YOUR HEADING DOWN FAST, LADY' trend arrow; it's a pretty good early warning system

Why do I love my Dexcom? 

Because I don't get hypo symptoms during exercise but today that didn't matter; My Dex was all over it.

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