Monday, 15 February 2016

Sainsbury's apology

Yesterday I posted about why that card represented all that is wrong with using diabetes as a punch line. Within a matter of hours of a diabetes advocate, Diabetes Power's Angela Allison, posting a picture online of a card she had seen about diabetes and obesity on the shelves of Sainsbury's greeting card section, hundreds of people with diabetes - or those speaking on behalf of someone with diabetes - had launched their complaint with Sainsbury's chief exec, Michael Coupe. 

In a glorious display of the power of social media and a really pissed of bunch of PWDs, Mr Coupe had issued a sincere, warm and humble apology. It went like this: 

"Dear Anna

Thank you for getting in touch.  Firstly let me say how very sorry I am for what has been a lapse in judgment, I completely share your views.

As soon as this was brought to my attention the product was removed from sale across all our stores, and I have this morning asked my team to investigate how this happened.

I pride myself on our values and I do believe our values make us different from other supermarkets, and I know our customers share that view, this is what makes this all the more disappointing.

Thank you again for bringing this to my attention.


Hats off to you, Sainsbury's, and thank you for recognising why this card is below the high standards you usually meet. 

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