Friday 13 February 2015

Just one more...

"Just one more look!"

I insist, as we round the corner of yet another beautiful backdrop, stopping at scenic viewpoints to soak up every last inch of this beautiful isle.

"Just one more go!"

I beg, as we zip-lining,swim, kayak, luge and hot-pool our way through our days. 

"Just one more shot!"

I plead, as the camera gets put away after a hard day's work, capturing the whirlwind adventure we find ourselves in.

"Just one more day!" 

It feels like that's all I've been saying since arriving on the shores of New Zealand to fulfill my dream of traveling to the other side of the world.  Never quite happy with the days we had.

Just.  One.  More.  Day.

All too often I forget - shamefully so - that there are corners of the world where children don't wish to travel.  They care not for kayaking or zip-lining.  Fine cuisine and locally made wine are things of an alien world.  What they want - what they need - is insulin.  Without insulin, they die.  Without enough insulin, they can expect to live in suffering.

Two years ago, a group of bloggers in America decided to set out to raise money on Valentine's Day, for children who may not see another, and the outcome was incredible

Just $5 can buy enough insulin to keep a child alive for a month, through the International Diabetes Federation's Life for a Child programme, which provides life-saving insulin to the far corners of the developing world.

What if

What if, instead of giving 12 red roses on Valentine's Day this year, you gave 11 plus the gift of having given a child 'life' for a month.  

What if, instead of giving 12 red roses, which may wilt and die in less days than there are flowers in your posy, you gave a child 'life' for a year, and your lover's vase stood empty?

What if every person in the world who could afford it, gave a child life for a month?

The International Diabetes Federation's Life for a Child scheme provides insulin to children in parts of the developing world where children don't have the luxury of ticking a box on a prescription form and kicking up a fuss if it is not delivered in 48 hours. 

By donating just $5 to Life for a Child, the cost of just one rose, you could save a life.  

Just one more day needn't be a dream.

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