Friday 14 September 2012

The Dexcom G4 - hubba hubba

So after having a chance to have a snapshot view of the sexy new Dexcom G4 (continuous glucose monitor) from, arguably, the market leader and gawking at its gorgeousness (yes, to a diabetic this ingenious piece of plastic and metal really is, gorgeous) I received the press release below from the lovely folk at Dexcom.  I thought you may like to have a read of it and check out the video of 6-time marathon runner and Olympic torch bearer Colin Rowland, giving his story of competing at sport with a Dexcom.  To be fair, you don't have to run a marathon to benefit from it, eating a bowl of fruit is a heck of a job easier too!

Are you a Dexcom user and have you had a chance to see/try this yet? Thoughts on a postcard (or comment) below!

My Glucose Sensor UK - Continuous Glucose Monitoring 
Press Release

With the Olympics hitting London health and fitness has been at the forefront of our community. Diabetes affects nearly 350 million people worldwide and nearly 1 million in the UK alone. On the back of the success of their life changing Continuous Glucose Monitoring device (Dexcom-Seven plus) Advanced Therapeutics are set to launch The Dexcom G4 ™ into the UK market place.
This latest product from Dexcom is an easy-to-use wireless device that is designed to simplify glucose management. The revolutionary technology brings enormous benefits to those within the diabetes community and is the very latest in sensor technology. Helping to take the guesswork out of diabetes management, the Dexcom G4 delivers exceptional accuracy with the user being in optimal control of their Blood Glucose Levels any time day or night.

Olympic torchbearer Colin Rowland is a pioneer of the new unit.

“I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when I was very young. For a type one diabetic to even attempt to run a marathon is quite a feat. When I started using Continuous Glucose Monitoring it brought home to me how difficult It was to run the marathon without it. One of the biggest advantages for me is when I leave the house my wife will know that the G4 will assist me in just simply coming back home. The G4 is like my training partner, it made it so much easier. It allowed me to live my life, run a marathon, and run it well.
The beauty of Continuous Glucose Monitoring is all I have to do is glance at my wrist and I can tell what my glucose level is. It is picked up every five minutes automatically and it tells you whether it’s rising, falling, or steady. The system will inform me when it’s getting to high or low levels.”

Watch a video of how the unit has impacted Colin’s training here:

The system is made up of four components: the sensor, transmitter, Dexcom Studio software, and receiver. It can show you a new glucose reading every 5 minutes for up to 7 days of uninterrupted wear-time.

The Sensor is a flexible, round, fine probe that goes just under your skin to read glucose levels It is part of the sensor pod which is attached to the skin by an adhesive patch.

The transmitter wirelessly sends glucose information continuously to the Receiver which displays a reading every 5 minutes. The transmitter snaps into the sensor body to form a small, lightweight and discreet. The adhesive patch holds the Pod to your skin.

The Receiver is a wireless device that displays glucose trends so you can quickly and easily see where your glucose has been, where it is, and where it's heading and how fast it is changing. At about the size and weight of a small mobile phone, you can clip the receiver to your belt, put it in your pocket or handbag. Everything you want to see about your glucose at a glance.

Using the latest Dexcom Studio software you can download 30 days of information to your computer. You can see short- and long-term trends and patterns through customizable charts, so you can watch your improvements over time. In addition, view meal, insulin, health, and activity information entered into your receiver. This information can help you and your diabetes management team understand the impact that food, insulin, exercise, and medication have on your glucose levels.

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