Tuesday 14 August 2012

I hate to say it but...

For the last few days my blood sugars have resembled that of someone harbouring some kind of sugar addiction. My BGs, have been nuts!
Today, for example, I woke up this morning to a very unwelcome 15.5mmol which after a great whack of a correction dose, grudgingly shifted down to 8mmol. Of course, having eaten a 'sinful' bowl of berries and yoghurt, they are now back up rocking a 15mmol. Having switched cannulas and ultimately sticking on a 150% temporary basal rate, I continue to battle against my diabetes today, determined to keep the high teens at bay. I can feel my limbs screaming.

I would be annoyed about it, seeing as I find unexplained high blood sugars infuriating, but I know exactly where I went wrong. The 'right on the money' approach I had adopted which only a week ago had me rocking 6s and 7s all day, was the old exercise and diet system. It isn't rocket science. It never fails. Only a week ago I was low-carbing, gorging on vegetables like they were going out of fashion and exercising every day, without fail. Whether it was a walk with a dog from the local pound, a hardcore body combat class or a yoga session (deceivingly sweat-inducing), I was doing something - anything - every day.

The problem is, as most people know all too well, taking even a few days off means your body becomes less sensitive to insulin, and you start to need more. Add to this two family BBQs which had me reaching for the hot sauce (sugary as hell once you get past the chilli 'bite) and tucking into a range of delicious breads. On day 1 I put the blood sugars down to the BBQ, day 2 I told myself that day 3 I would get back on it and day 3 even having got my diet back in check, the lack of exercise in my life is glaringly obvious.

I miss my 6s and 7s.

The hardest part about getting back on track, is actually getting back on track. The climb back onto the wagon is a hell of a trip up, when your legs feel like you've run a marathon before you even get out of bed. When you are rocking 15s it is so hard to even think about going back to the gym and even walk is the last thing you feel like doing.

But that is exactly what I will be doing tonight. Forcing myself to go for a walk, even for 20 minutes. And I'm back on the low-carb veggie wagon and tomorrow, I'm gonna give the gym studio a battering!

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