Friday 3 June 2011

Saying Goodbye to Elizabeth

There are over 6 billion people in this world and with each one comes a story, a journey and a life. Every day people arrive on this planet - and leave it- just as they have done for millions of years and will continue to until this world is no more. In fact each day around 150,000 people pass away and chances are most of the time you didn't know any of them. You don't even know it has happened. You wouldn't necessarily feel sad yourself if you found out someone you didn't know had died, but you may take a moment to recognise the sadness this brings to others and you empathise with them.

Today on Facebook I read a status update of a fellow diabetic, taking a moment to remember a 29 year old diabetic named Elizabeth, who recently passed away.

I didn't know Elizabeth, or pretend to. I don't know her parents or friends. I don't know if she had a job, pets or hobbies. Perhaps she had a fantastic sense of humour. Maybe she loved to read and spend time on her own. Maybe she was a film buff. Whatever her story, it makes me sad that another diabetic who is exactly my age, has lost her life to diabetes.

But it makes me proud that on Facebook tonight, there are little blue candles appearing on every ones page. The candle of remembrance. It makes me proud that in the community we belong to, people care when we lose one of our own, even if we didn't know them.

The DOC (Diabetic Online Community) spans the world and it doesn't matter that we may not have known Elizabeth together because tonight, will remember her together.

And say goodbye to her together.

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