Friday 9 April 2010

Customize your pump!

OK, so I'm pretty certain that the idea of pump skins (a cover you can get for your pump to make it more 'funky') is mainly aimed at children and young people, to help them feel more excited about wearing one. But when I first got the pump I experienced the whole "will I look like a science experiment" phase. As soon as I reached my first few goals I got over this, but wearing it 24 hours a day or thereabouts still takes some getting used to. Not as much as I'd initally anticipated, but there was still a degree of adjusting which had to be done.

When I first got my Paradigm VEO, I wrote to Medtronic and asked how I could get a 'skin'. At this point I was still in the early stages, and probably still trying to find a way of fitting the pump around my life and personality in a way that suited me. I completely forgot about the skins until when this morning in the post, I received a whole bundle of skins! Not only does everyone love a freebie, but the range of colours and size was surprising, and it didn't take long for me to get all excited again!

I mean, check out how pretty she is! I should probably explain that in order to personify my pump enough to make it feel part of me, I have given her a gender....

So I've sexed up my pump with a dark pink and white skin, which is no more than a sticky plastic cover which can be removed when my mood changes.

Whether these are aimed at kids or whether I can legitimately get away with finding them so pelasing I don't know, but every little win is another positive in this change.

Anna, in a dark pink and white mood today.


  1. Thanks so much! What a great idea, i just wrote this to Medtronic... :)

    Hi there Medtronic, My (just turned) three year old daughter has been through a really tough time lately with her diabetes which was diagnosed just over a year ago. She was discharged from the hospital over the weekend after a long stay suffering with HYPO seizures, one after another that even the Drs struggled to control. anyway they beleive the best way forward is to go onto a insulin pump and CGM device. Of course, you are our chosen brand and shes due to start pumping one week today. Because shes so young (and scared) im trying to make this as fun as possible and was wondering where i am able to get some Medtronic Paradigm Veo "skins" or covers?? thankyou so much for reading, Love Jessica and NIcole, my little D! x

    Hope your keeping well x

  2. Hi Jessica,

    What a tough time you've all had! Nicole sounds like a trooper! I hope things smooth out REALLY soon.

    I hope her journey onto a pump goes well. I found the changes subtle at first, but on reflection when thinking back three years, the difference is enormous.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask - I would be happy to help in any way if I can. I hope to have a blog up soon that will have email so chatting is easier

    Best wishes

    AP x